Hi, I’m Helen.  Welcome to my website, I’m so thankful for your virtual visit.

I specialize in helping individuals, executives and leaders align with, and utilize, their unique blend of strengths and values so that they may use what is best in them to engage with their opportunities and challenges with clarity and vitality.  I help my clients identify and prioritize their goals, bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, and lead themselves and others wholeheartedly with courage, compassion and confidence.

I help my clients enhance their wholehearted well-being.  Whether it’s navigating a health condition, finding wellness within a challenging career, balancing parenting and wellness, becoming their own best advocate, or wherever they feel the need for a more wholehearted approach to well-being in their lives.

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Proud Executive Coach for the Positivity Link (P.Link) Coaching Center for Excellence.


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