The Book of You

How well do you know yourself?  What does it feel like to truly know yourself and from that place choose with confidence your way in the world?

These are the questions I pondered as I created The Book of You Coaching Program.

I’ve often wished that when I’d given birth to my children, an associated detailed and personalized parenting manual had emerged at the same time.

Until recently, I hadn’t questioned what it would have meant for me to have had a completely personalized practical guide for myself, one where my strengths and gifts were highlighted and strategies for handling challenges were thoughtfully considered or brainstormed.

We can read so many books, ask experts for advice and externalize our search, but this deep ‘knowing’ work is both internal and external.  It’s about recognizing and playing to our strengths, living a life in sync with our values, being grounded in our bodies, feeling our emotions (not numbing them), understanding our personality traits, staying on our own yoga mats (metaphorically speaking), and grounding in our truth.

Including self-acceptance and self-love with this discovery and self-knowledge allow you to lead your best life with grace, integrity, passion and purpose.  The ultimate well-being.

This is what I help my clients ‘birth’.

It’s their book of superpowers, their personal wellness strategy, a recipe book of their awesome sauce.  Unique and sparkly as they are.  Step by step we build a book with pages filled with their full beauty, talent, and presence.

Recently I worked with a mother looking for career direction.  In uncovering her ‘Book of You’ she was able to see clearly why her part-time job left her feeling unmotivated and disengaged.  It was not in line with her strengths, values, or personality traits.  She could continue to ‘suck it up’ and push herself through, but her body was giving her clear messages that this was not the work for her.  In seeing herself clearly, both through assessments and coaching, she was able to see opportunities that were more aligned with her gifts and release the need to ‘push through’ and reach for something that was a better fit for her.  Her relief was palpable, her understanding and new direction power-packed and authentic.

I have worked with young adults and teens.  Holding up a mirror for them, showing them themselves, honoring their unique brilliance, and helping them ground in that truth and move forward with that knowledge has been an honor I can barely articulate.  Aha moments, quiet resonance, smiles and even laughter as they feel truly seen and heard.  Opportunities and ideas taking shape and their superpowers shining as these sacred seeds take root and new life emerges.

This Book of you is not a perfectly bound tome to decorate your bookshelf.  It’s a living gift.  And just like life, it will grow and morph as you do.  And the truths in it’s pages are like rocket fuel for dreams and inspired action.

And when you take wrong turns, or stumble and fall and scuff your knee, or walk into walls, it’s there.  Your ‘Book of You’ is a ready reminder of all that you are, and more.

Truly being you in all your glory is the best gift to yourself and the world.

Here are some of the gifts I’ve observed from personal experience and working with clients on The Book of You:

  • Discovery and clarity around strengths, values, priorities, instinctive styles, and personality traits.
  • Questioning thought patterns that no longer serve them.
  • Shifts in careers, weight, relationships, parenting as self discovery and challenged old patterns give way to understanding, empowered choices and inspired action.
  • Playing to As not shoring up weaknesses.
  • Being grounded in personal truth and acquired confidence.
  • Defining their personal definition of success, setting their own expectations and goals, valuing themselves.
  • Creating and maintaining wellness strategies and maintaining self connection, compassion, and acceptance.
  • Learning to be their own best advocate, whether for them or their family’s health, career or personal life.

We live in such a fast-paced and busy world that sometimes the voice or sense of ourselves is lost in the constant movement.  But it never leaves us.  It’s always there.

Start to build your Book of You.  It doesn’t need to be a book, it can be an app, a poem, a set of notes, a vision board, a scrapbook, or a pile of stickies in a basket.

If you’d like help on the way of this fascinating journey of discovery, empowerment and grounding in you, please contact me and let’s get started!

The Book of You:
SIX 60-minute consultations: including assessments of strengths, values, and personalized exercises to discover, familiarize you with and ground you in your superpowers and wholehearted well-being.

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