Essence Mining and Writing Coaching

Have you been struck by Blank Page Syndrome?

Do you have important work to do in this world but your web copy is struggling to come out?

You have a book that is longing to be born, and yet the page is still blank or writing progress is slow.

Do you want an advocate for your project?  An essence miner.  A gentle hand to hold for accountability and coaching when your inner critic becomes too loud to think?

I help coaches and writers connect with their essence, show up fully and successfully deliver their writing projects so that their truth and unique message can be shared with world through their written word and in turn support their business missions.

If you are experiencing a certain stuck-ness around expressing yourself and your work, please contact me and let’s mine your essence and unleash your authentic and strengths-aligned work to the world.

What I offer:

  • 60-minute collaborative sessions to outline your personal and writing goals, strengths, values, strategies and map progress
  • Review and feedback on draft writing projects – this is the essence mining piece…
  • Coaching around obstacles and sticking points
  • A personal accountability partner with tenacity wrapped in kindness and compassion.

What I don’t offer:

  • Publishing or final editing.

Email me and we will build a personalized package and process for you, geared to you meeting your writing goals.  I provide a complementary 20-minute phone meet and greet.

My work comes with 100% guarantee.

Here’s what other’s have said…..

“It only took one session working with Helen on a writing project  to appreciate and value her talents.  Helen has several core strengths which contribute to her ability to hold the hand of an inspiring (inspired) writer like myself.   Helen inserts her keen insight and intuition into what makes for captivating copy and highlighting the writer’s true voice.  She is quick to probe if she feels the copy doesn’t sound like the writer’s voice.  Helen exudes her competency with keen questions and a strong but kind voice.   My sense is that Helen’s wise owl eye reads  the copy with clear intention to guarantee it will translate well to the reader.  I particularly appreciate Helen’s organization, promptness and direct approach.”

Dana Frost, Master Certified Life Coach,