Elves, Pizza and 2012

December 1, 2011

Norm, our Elf on the Shelf, showed up today.  He was wrapped around the salt shaker on the kitchen table and the kids were beyond excited to see him (or perhaps it was the 1st day of Advent calendar sugar adding to the hype!). A relatively new tradition, Norm has been with us for 4 […]

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A Little Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

November 7, 2011

He looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes. “I only said ‘Hi Ms. <<Name>>, how ya doin’?” But he did so much more.  He made a notable impression.  In that simple encounter. The Back Story I went in to my son’s school for my weekly classroom volunteering.  While I was signing in, the school […]

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Noticing My Way To Wellness

October 16, 2011

How busy are you?  Constantly?  Does time fly by in a whirr of activity?  Is noticing on your to-do list? It might sound odd. Noticing Why is noticing so important? Well if you subscribe to the notions that what you focus on expands in your life and how you do one thing is how you […]

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Girls Helping Girls

October 4, 2011

Ever been moved so deeply by something, that you find it hard to put into words? One word.  Girls. I am one of 3 girls.  My mother went back to work to provide the best education for her girls.  Our education was the grounding for our life’s journeys.  Not once did I question whether I […]

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What’s Your Everyday Legacy?

September 25, 2011

I lay my head on the table.  Fatigue smothered me and exhaustion spot-welded my feet to the floor. It was only 4pm and I was sitting with my kids while they did their homework.  I felt like death warmed up.  I had felt this way for a couple of days and with my husband away, […]

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Smelling the Roses

September 19, 2011

Exactly this time last year I wrote Time Is Not a Renewable Resource after hearing the gut-wrenching news about a child in my daughter’s 2nd grade losing his Mom to cancer. As I reread this post, I remember the passion I felt in writing it, how moved I was by this tragedy, how I wanted […]

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In Remembrance

September 11, 2011

Today is a memorable day.  Ten years ago our world changed.  Today we remember and honor those who lost their lives. Ten years ago today I was a new mother.  I had a 6-moth old baby (Joe) and we were vacationing at the Outer Banks, North Carolina with my husband’s family. There was a hurricane […]

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Knowing You, Loving You

August 6, 2011

Do you know yourself?  Do you love yourself?  Thought-provoking questions. I’ve been sitting staring at my Myers Briggs report.  I see myself in the words, resonate with the strengths outlined, nod at the identified weaknesses, and shyly toy with the how to overcome challenges section. It’s funny because I have taken this test before and […]

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Great (Summer) Expectations

July 1, 2011

This article may be entirely written for me, by me, but I’m sensing it may be helpful to others, so I’m sharing this on the blog. The summer’s shift in schedule was thoughtfully anticipated and planned.  It was organized, discussed, shared and agreed to within the family.  Instead of lots of camps for the kids […]

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Intention Loves Practice

June 5, 2011

I’m thinking about intentions and honoring intentions this week. Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan the action or fact of intending (one’s intentions) a person’s designs. I have an intention to live an intentional life.  And then life can get in the way. Sometimes I feel as if my intentions can become foggy […]

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