Here’s what my clients have said…..

“Thank you again for your support over the past several months as I transitioned careers.  My only regret is that I didn’t contact you sooner! I should have taken you up on the offer way back in the summer when you offered as you were a tremendous resource and excellent coach.  During our sessions, I always found our time well spent and worth every minute.  Talking through my thoughts and translating the personality, strength and Values in Action tests were all excellent exercises.  The feedback and materials that we covered are great tools  I will utilize in both my personal and professional careers.  Your knowledge and words of encouragement were spot on.  I especially enjoyed our work together on connector strategies and how to improve my LINKEDIN profile to attract more potential job openings.   I will recommend you without reservation to any of my friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances.  Thank you …Thank you and THANK YOU!”

Ted Hendrixson

“My time spent with Helen was valuable and life changing.  She would invite me in and make sure I was comfortable in order to coax me into some heavy psychic lifting.  We explored my life and the paths I had taken, perhaps more unintentional than intentional.  Using her deep intellect and acute listening skill she introduced me to my intentional self!  Working with Helen led me to huge emotional realities which positively effected the quality of my life.  She is a consummate professional with a personable approach.  I recommend Helen’s services to anyone interested in changing their life for the better!”

Lauren Janusz, MOT, OTR/L, HPCS, Brandywine Occupational Therapy, LLC 

“Working with Helen over the last five months has truly been life changing.  Helen’s insight and ability to identify exactly where I am in a given situation at any time is what makes her invaluable as a personal coach.  Her persistent yet kind manner in identifying the challenges/struggles and bringing you face to face with them comes without any judgement and is always on target.  Helen has helped me identify and understand many of my desires; both personally and professionally, and has helped me determine an effective path to follow to achieve them one step at a time.   At the end of every session, I leave with a sense of excitement from what I have gleaned with her help and with great anticipation of the next session.”


“When being coached by Helen I feel completely safe to say anything.  She asks the questions to help me find the deep, hidden thoughts that are causing my pain and gently, gracefully guides me to a place free of pain and stress.  Her intuition is spot on the mark and I love how she trusts herself and doesn’t hesitate to ask the hard questions.  She also follows up with emails containing wonderful jewels of wisdom to support to keep me focused on the new revelations discovered in our coaching session.  I highly recommend hiring Helen as a coach if you would like to find the answers to your deepest painful thoughts find that lie within you, ready to be discovered.”

Diane Hunter, Mom and Certified Life Coach

“Helen is wonderfully calming, courteous, and professional.  My time with her has changed how I see myself and my future.  She has opened my eyes to aspects about myself that I would have never known.  With Helen’s guidance, I have come to learn that literally any personal goal can be within reach.”

Dave D

“Helen creates a safe and trustworthy environment in which the client feels totally at ease and respected. Her loving, gentle and skillful use of coaching tools combined with fully accessed intuitive wisdom is powerful for healing and uncovering blocks to life fulfillment. As a dedicated coach she is completely present and intensely available to the client for their personal growth and forward movement. I recommend and support her work highly.”

Bethany E

“Helen Samson Mullen has a rare ability to combine intuitive insight, rigorous analytical skills and clear and personable communication skills to her life coaching practice. For me she rapidly helped me see the issues I was facing in ways that were understandable, challenging but not overwhelming. Throughout our work together she gave me practical tools and exercises through which to resolve these issues and move forward.  I have no reservations in recommending her to you!”

Jayne W

“Helen came into my life at a time when I needed to get centered, focused and come alive again. After two of the six sessions I came alive and after the next few sessions I was on back on my path to my destiny!  Her skills and insight help me to refocus on my faith, goals and I realized what I wanted again!  I am going after what I want and know I am going to my destiny! Helen has had a profound impact on my life!”

Miriam T

“What Helen brought to my coaching session was a skillful way of listening so that I felt fully heard.   She then was using that information in a way to assist me to gain insights and options for moving forward in the stuck places.  She directed the session so I felt the relief of knowing there was a skillful navigator guiding me toward new ways to creatively work with what is essentially me.  I came away with a sense of relief and my energy restored to really want to take the next steps! ”

Morgana Morgaine, RN MA Certified Coach, Educator, Humorist

 “Working with Helen has helped me make some major shifts in my age old limiting beliefs. She is highly intuitive, supportive, and honest — an all around excellent coach! ”

Kim David, Life Coach

 “I think, for me, the value of your coaching goes beyond your intelligent probing and masterful use of effective tools.  It is your unique ability to deal with my sometimes ‘raw’ emotions and ever present vulnerability with compassion and respect that makes all the difference. Your gentle voice and supportive manner are balm for the struggling soul!  Many thanks.”

Judi S.

Essence Mining and Writing Coaching:

“It only took one session working with Helen on a writing project  to appreciate and value her talents.  Helen has several core strengths which contribute to her ability to hold the hand of an inspiring (inspired) writer like myself.   Helen inserts her keen insight and intuition into what makes for captivating copy and highlighting the writer’s true voice.  She is quick to probe if she feels the copy doesn’t sound like the writer’s voice.  Helen exudes her competency with keen questions and a strong but kind voice.   My sense is that Helen’s wise owl eye reads  the copy with clear intention to guarantee it will translate well to the reader.  I particularly appreciate Helen’s organization, promptness and direct approach.”

Dana Frost, Master Certified Life Coach, 

“Helen is a sensitive soul who provided a safe container for me to just “be me” when I was stumbling around writing copy for The Truth Experience. She knew that writing copy for my own site was important to me.  I wanted my voice to be clear.  I also got very stuck in the process.  It was really like giving birth in a way;  lovely, rewarding, and a lot vulnerable to show up and write, ironically enough, from that place of Ground Truth. She endured my ramblings, gathered up my essence and listened for it to shine through when she proofed and edited the web pages.  When my essence didn’t show up on the page, she gently called me on it and coached me through it.  I loved that she was there with me through the process.”
Jennifer Voss, Master Certified Life Coach
Chief Truth & Well-Being Officer,