Why Not Trust?

by helen on December 24, 2011

My eyes were wide and terror ripped through me as I clung to my seat for dear life.  I  was on a flight to Phoenix where the turbulence was so rough that I was airborne within the cabin – even with my seatbelt on.  It was like a roller-coaster with no end as people around me screamed and general panic filled the air.

After a rocky landing, I remember getting off the flight literally trembling, having pulled a muscle in my neck holding on the the seat in front of me so tight and having been so thoroughly and viscerally shaken.

It just so happened that the storm I had reluctantly ridden on the way in to Phoenix was still there 2 days later as I flew home.  As the ride began, I decided to take another tack.  I decided to trust the pilot and his plane and relax.  I was a captive audience.  Why not?

So as the bumps and dives started (and there’s nothing much I hate more than roller-coasters), I breathed deep and let myself go with the flow. Before long I was giggling.  It was quite fun and much less terrifying, and then it was over and it was plain sailing after that.  No frozen neck, no strained face, no trembling.  My seat neighbors may have wondered what I’d been drinking, but even the fear and panic around me had not effected me.

That day I wondered if the ride through life’s inevitable ups and downs could be every bit more fun if I let go of trying to control it, fear what I couldn’t see, and lean in assessing the truth of any given situation, with the best guidance I could muster and simply trust.

Is Trust your friend?

Do you walk hand-in-hand with trust or do you try and control as much as you can effectively kicking trust to the curb and white knuckling it through life?

Perhaps your relationship with trust is healthy and reality is your friend, and you have a fast-track lead to your intuition and all the wisdom available to you, and all is going swimmingly well for you.

If so, I wish you well.  Really.  I do.  I’m happy for you.

However, if you, like me, have a very sensitive or finely tuned vigilance of all things risky and dangerous, and this observed information is magnified by a very loud mind, whose desire is to keep you safe but can at times keep you frozen in speculation and fear, then you may have a rusty connection to a wonderful friend, Trust.

This year, as I have navigated some health challenges and multiple changes within our family, the word trust has come up over and over again.  Sometimes in relation to myself (self-trust) and for others (trusting those around me including medical resources).

I read this brilliant article on Faith by Amy Pearson and was reminded of the Brene Brown quote on courage.

“You get it by courageous acts. It’s like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging.”

As I read Amy’s post, I was inspired to think of ‘trust muscle’ in the same way as Amy drew the parallel with the practice of faith.

What would you need to do to develop Trust Muscle?

What if you regularly tuned in to your inner wisdom, intuition, true desires and goals and leaned in to this rich life experience, with Trust by your side?

Years ago when I rock-climbed, trust was an unquestionable essential.

Your very life depended on trusting yourself, the move you were planning to make, the hold you chose, the gear you would place, your equipment, and your partner holding the rope.  You were grounded in reality while leaning in to trust.

So as a new year is upon us, trust is certainly the muscle I will be looking to flex and build.

What’s a muscle you’d like to build this year?  Is it Trust? Faith? Courage? Love?  Connection? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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